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Who Is Eligible?

Anyone who meets the Statement of Standards

  • Caring for one another.
  • Keeping the body clean and healthy with proper nutrition.
  • The use of any form of tobacco, illicit drugs and excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to the body and soul.
  • According to the Word of God, sexual relations outside the bond of marriage is morally wrong. Marriage is a bond between a man and woman only.
  • Abortion is wrong, except in a life threatening situation to the mother.
  • Physical, mental or emotional abuse of any kind to a family member or anyone else is morally wrong.

NOTE: Some individuals may not be eligible or have a membership limitation due to certain past or present medical conditions.

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We offer two membership plans (Standard and Advantage) with 3 levels of options for each. Our Advantage plan options offer a 20% savings over our Standard plan options by combining yearly MRA(s).

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