Advantages of Altrua HealthShare Over Traditional Insurance

As you review all of the insurance choices available to you and your family, there is one non-insurance option that you should give some serious thought—Altrua HealthShare.

Family Sharing

What is Altrua HealthShare?

Altrua HealthShare is an affordable alternative to traditional insurance. Essentially, the members of the Altrua HealthShare program send in a monthly contribution which is placed into an escrow account. Altrua HealthShare is the escrow agent and manages the member’s monthly contributions and distributes payment from the escrow account to providers for eligible medical needs submitted to the membership. For the members of Altrua HealthShare, this isn’t much different than using traditional insurance when you go to a doctor or hospital.

What are the Advantages of Altrua HealthShare?

  • Join at Any Time – Enrollment into the Altrua HealthShare program is available year-round.
  • Statement of Standards – The members of Altrua HealthShare commit to honoring the Statement of Standards which provides the members reassurance that their contributions are not going towards unhealthy lifestyles or for things that continue to drive up the costs of traditional health care plans.
  • Affordable to Members – The costs for traditional insurance is so unaffordable for most individuals and families. In most cases, monthly contributions are lower than what you would pay for traditional insurance. This can be a significant savings that allows you to budget for other things that matter to you and your family.
  • Six Membership Types to Choose From –Altrua HealthShare offers six different membership types. This allows the member to choose the right plan that fits your budget and family needs.
  • Meets Affordable Care Act Requirements – The affordable care act means that everyone now has to carry an insurance policy. Altrua HealthShare meets this requirement and allows you to avoid the penalties for those who do not have typical insurance.

Once you understand the many advantages of health care sharing, you may be interested in learning more about how to enroll in such a program. Altrua HealthShare is a nationwide faith-based health care sharing program that offers the many advantages above—as well as other distinct benefits. If you would like to learn more about the excellent opportunities available to you, contact Altrua HealthShare for more information today, or click here. We would love to help you take charge of you and your family’s future health care needs.