Health Care Sharing For Your Church

Altrua HealthShare is an innovative and faith-based health sharing concept that provides an opportunity for people to come together with the same faith and mentality while providing a way to share healthcare needs. While it is not health insurance, Altrua HealthShare provides a method for its members to receive the medical care they need and want in a manner that is affordable. This health-sharing plan is also the ideal way of providing your church members and staff with the benefits of health care without being tied to a cumbersome health insurance plan that might not provide them with the coverage they need.

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Membership Types

Although Altrua HealthShare is not health insurance, they offer a range of comprehensive benefits for their members that are similar to those offered by insurance companies.

Flexible Options

Because no two member’s situations are the same, Altrua HealthShare offers 6 different membership types. These different levels encompass different benefit packages as well as different expected contributions. In addition to your age and the number of people who are participating in your household, the type of membership you choose determines the amount of your monthly contribution.

Healthy Goals for all Staff and Members

Members of Altrua HealthShare all share in both the benefits and the responsibilities of their own good health — as well as the health of the other members. This is covered under the Altrua HealthShare Statement of Standards. The Statement of Standards is in place to protect the integrity of the members as well as their short and long-term health.

Altrua HealthShare offers Americans choices when it comes to their health care and medical needs within a health sharing framework. While health insurance is the method that is often used to keep the costs of such care at a reasonable level, Altrua HealthShare offers a viable, faith-based option that provides your church with the flexibility they need with an aim toward great care while also building community within your church as well.