Financial integrity and accountability of Altrua HealthShare is very important. What we do is done according to biblical standards for operating and maintaining the highest level of accountability through our auditing procedures and board of directors. Trust from our members is very important to us and there are several ways in which we maintain our trust from all members.

Trust works both ways between all members and Altrua HealthShare. We insure that our members fulfill their obligations of truthfulness and honesty to each other as well as we fulfill our truthfulness and obligations.

It begins by members signing and honoring to abide by a Statement of Standards and truthfully disclosing information about themselves when they join or submit medical needs to be shared by fellow members. We verify medical information and make certain that share amounts distributed to members and or providers for medical needs are used only to pay the medical needs submitted.

Altrua HealthShare tracks all monthly contributions and share amounts and to verify that members send their Monthly Share Amounts to care for one another.

The Board of Directors is the final authority who oversees the operations of the organization. A strict conflict of interest policy is adhered to by the Board so that independent, non-compensated Board members make the decisions.

Most importantly, Altrua HealthShare is the escrow agent for the members’ contributions. Altrua HealthShare manages all contribution amounts from the members and to all providers for the sharing of the members eligible medical needs submitted. All share amounts distributed for sharing in one another’s medical needs are completed according to the escrow instructions and member guidelines.