Altrua Ministries

“Realizing the selfishness of our own needs will impact our nation as we individually aspire to affect the urgent needs of our neighbor.”

Altrua Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization that contributes to other non-profit and religious organizations through donations and gifts given to the ministry. Altrua Ministries allocates the donations of individuals, families and corporations for the purpose of financially supporting various charitable and religious organizations and the research and development of cures for life threatening diseases.
Since March 2000, Altrua Ministries has donated to:
  • Abused Women and Children’s Shelters
  • Austin Smiles
  • Children’s Development Centers
  • Clothes Shelters
  • Community First (Mobile Loaves and Fishes)
  • Convoy of Hope
  • Cure Duchenne
  • Disaster Relief
  • Families in Need of Living Essentials
  • Food Shelters
  • Handicap Maneuvering Systems
  • Hand to Hold
  • Inmates and Their Families
  • Kid’s Outdoor Zone
  • LIFE Outreach International
  • Medical Needs
  • Nationwide Outreaches to the Homeless
  • Research and Development for Disease Cures
  • Research for Cancer
  • Research for Duchene Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Ronald McDonald House Global
  • Team Luke
  • Teen Challenge
  • The 100 Club of Central Texas
  • The Salvation Army
  • Transportation for Single Mothers
  • World Wide Mission


We are first accountable to God, our ultimate provider and to our contributors. We have a responsibility to be faithful stewards and maintain integrity and openness in our financial practices. Therefore, we are committed to the following standards:
  • Altrua Ministries board of directors has an annual audit completed each year and reports its findings to donors who request it.
  • Altrua Ministries seeks to conduct our activities with the highest standards of integrity and to follow Biblical guidelines for giving.
  • Altrua Ministries ensure that donations are used for the purposes for which they were given. Our policy is to meet the needs God lays before us, so that Christ is lifted up and the mission for giving is accomplished.
  • All donations to Altrua Ministries are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. In order to help our donors determine the tax-deductible portion of their donation, we record all donations and an end of year report will be provided to donors.
  • We operate Altrua Ministries in a debt free manor that honors Christ and promotes the purpose of this ministry.

Ways to Donate

Charitable Donation

Charitable donations are commonly in the form of cash, but can also take the form of real estate, motor vehicles, appreciated securities, clothing and other assets or services.

Endowed Donations

Make a donation to Altrua Ministries in your name or in the name of a loved one and receive a tax deduction for your kindness.

Charitable Lead Trusts

A trust designed to reduce the beneficiaries’ taxable income by first donating a portion of the trust’s income to charities and then, after a specified period of time, transferring the remainder of the trust to the beneficiaries.

Memorial and Honorary Donation

If you have a family member or friend whose life has been touched by Altrua Ministries, we hope you will consider making a donation in honor of that person.


The act of donating personal property or money such as stocks, bonds, jewelry and cash left to an individual or an organization through the provisions of a will or estate plan.

Beneficiary Designations

Continue supporting Altrua Ministries even after your lifetime by naming us as a beneficiary or co-beneficiary of your retirement plan, life insurance or insurance annuity assets.

Note: For charitable donations only. There is no return of any financial benefit promised to those who donate to Altrua Ministries other than the reward that comes to those who choose to honor God through donating.

Partner with Altrua Ministries and see the love of Christ poured out to those in need.

Make a Monetary Donation


Altrua Ministries believes in the power of prayer and we pray for the members of Altrua HealthShare daily. If you are facing a difficult time in your life or would like for our staff and board of directors to pray for you, we would love the opportunity to do so.

Altrua Ministries also loves to hear reports of prayer needs that are answered. We encourage you to submit testimonies of answered prayers as this is very encouraging as we see God work on behalf of others.

Altrua Ministries prays for all requests daily upon receiving them. If you would like to be contacted by one of our prayer partners, please let us know by contacting Altrua Ministries. If we receive a lot of prayer requests, it may take some time to contact you, but please know that we will be praying for you.

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