We provide the opportunity to give because good is always returned.

How it works is simple.

Individuals, couples, families, churches and organizations contribute financially into the members’ escrow account and we act as the neutral escrow agent for the members.

  • Members’ medical needs are shared according to the Membership Guidelines and escrow instructions.
  • Members are asked to submit a monthly contribution.
  • Members present their Membership ID card when medical services are received and the provider submits the medical need according to the instructions on the back of the card.
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Accountability is essential.

We ensure that members are honest with each other and share a set of ethical or religious beliefs.

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To date, all eligible medical needs have been shared.

That says a lot about our members.

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Transparency is key.

Our members’ trust is important so we remain open about how we make descisions and answer any questions about how we operate.

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