Frequently Asked Questions

Is Altrua HealthShare insurance?

No, we are NOT an insurance company nor is the membership offered through an insurance company, and our organization is not subject to the regulatory requirements or consumer protections of any state insurance code.

Is Altrua HealthShare Legal under The Affordable Care Act?

We are a recognized Health Care Sharing Ministry and members are eligible for exemption from the tax penalty. See Affordable Care Act for more information.

Is maternity included?

Yes! Once you have been in membership for 90 days. The membership shares a maximum of $12,000 in year 1 and $25,000 in years 2+ with a MRA of $5,000. See Membership Guidelines for more information.

How much does Altrua HealthShare cost?

Your monthly contribution will vary based on your age, the number of members in your family and the membership you choose. See Memberships.

Who can take part in the membership?

Our membership is for anyone looking for health care that shares in our Statement of Standards.

Is this a contract or can I quit anytime?

It is NOT a contract. You can choose to quit the membership at any time. All new members pay a $100 application fee and a $25 fee that goes to Altrua Ministries that is not refundable. Altrua HealthShare does request that proper notification be given if a member chooses to quit for any reason. Please see Resources for more information.

What guarantees do I have that my contributions will be used correctly?

Financial integrity and accountability of Altrua HealthShare is very important. What we do is done according to biblical standards for operating and maintaining the highest level of accountability through our auditing procedures and board of directors.

Is there a health screening required for membership approval?

You must meet the criteria on the online application to be qualified for the membership. The criteria can be found in the Membership Guidelines. If, at any time, it is discovered that a member did not submit a complete and accurate medical history on the application, it could result in either a retroactive membership limitation or a retroactive denial to his/her effective date of membership.

What do I say to my medical provider when I need medical care?

Members explain to any medical provider that they are a member of a recognized Health Care Sharing Ministry. Show them your virtual membership ID card and explain that your bills should be sent either electronically or by mail as directed on your Membership ID card.

How does my doctor or hospital get paid?

Once your medical provider has properly processed your medical need to be shared by the membership, the medical need is adjudicated and payment is issued through the membership escrow account.

What happens if I have a discrepancy with a non-eligible medical need?

If a need is denied as not eligible, and there is a dispute, the member or any other party may seek reconsideration only through the appeal procedure described in the Membership Guidelines.

Can I be a member of Altrua HealthShare and have medical insurance?

Yes, a member can have health insurance through work or another source. Members can utilize the membership to share in the portion that the health insurance plan does not cover. We will always be the last resort in sharing medical needs.

Do I have to send checks to other members or wait to receive checks from other members?

No, members share in each other’s medical needs through the membership escrow account.

Will My Doctor Accept Altrua HealthShare?

Yes, we are part of MultiPlan which is a network that the majority of medical providers participate in. If a medical provider is not a part of the MultiPlan network, they should still accept us as your medical sharing of choice. See Affiliated Providers for details.

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