Hi, I’m

Cody Ryan Greaney!

There’s nothing like being on the boat as the sun comes over the horizon and you can spend a moment to just admire it. We are constantly on the ‘go’ between travels for bass tournaments around the country, business’ at home and life with a kid.
I’m thankful I found a healthcare option

that fits my lifestyle at a cost that fits our family budget. Altrua HealthShare is the perfect option for us.

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Cody Ryan currently hosts the #1 Outdoor Radio show in Texas with his father TJ. When he is not on air, Cody Ryan is chasing bass in various tournaments across the lower US. Cody Ryan is one of two organizers of the Dell Children’s Medical Center Fishing Event, named as the leading event the hospital has put on for the young patients.

Cody Ryan has been guiding bass fishing trips and hunting trips across the state for more than 12 years. His passion for the outdoors is evident and he is not afraid to thank the Lord each day for allowing him to live the life he leads.

Cody is married to the love of his life, Nicole and together have one daughter... named Saylor.

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