It’s no secret that incorporating more of the best vegetables into your diet can help you reduce your caloric intake and lose weight. However, it’s important to realize that not all veggies are created equal in this sense. Specifically, there are five vegetables that are considered the best for weight loss.


Hot Peppers

Hot peppers, such as poblanos and jalapeños, are excellent for helping burn more calories because spicier foods are known to boost the body’s metabolism, resulting in you burning more calories in a shorter time frame. Studies have also shown that spicier foods like peppers can make you feel fuller for longer. And because peppers themselves are a low-calorie food, this is a win-win situation.


Spinach isn’t everybody’s favorite food, but it’s one of the best vegetables for weight loss by far. Specifically, spinach is extremely low in calories while also being packed with protein; it also contains high levels of thylakoids, which are known to increase feelings of fullness. You can enjoy spinach in a number of ways, including in a salad, sautéed with some garlic, or even mixed directly into your daily protein shake.


If you’re looking for a food that you can eat bowls upon bowls of without loading up on calories, broccoli is your go-to choice. An entire cup of steamed broccoli, for example, has just 50 calories (not to mention, your daily dose of vitamin C). Broccoli is also one of the most versatile veggie options out there; you can enjoy them raw with a veggie dip, steamed with seasoning, sautéed with mushrooms, or even cooked into your favorite pasta sauce.


Not only are onions rich in flavonoids that help burn stored fat—but they’re also great for your heart health. Plus, they’re super versatile and low in calories. You can enjoy them raw on a sandwich or salad, sautéed with some of your favorite veggies, or chopped in an omelet for a yummy dish.


Most people don’t think of pickles when they think about the best vegetables for weight loss, but it’s true! One pickle spear contains just a few calories, so you can snack on them all day long and barely make a dent in your calorie allowance. Plus, they contain a ton of fiber, so they have the added benefit of being filling.

Now that you know more about the best vegetables to help you reach your weight loss goals, it’s time to start incorporating more of these into your daily diet! For help with achieving your fitness goals, consider checking out our COR: 6 fitness program today.