May 10th marks one of the most important days of the year, Mother’s Day!

Are you ready for it?

Let’s face it; the last few months have been extraordinarily difficult and have forced us to change our routines drastically. Our family dynamics have been tested, and many of us have adapted to them. Since schools are closed, younger kids are not spending this time making handmade Mother’s Day crafts. That means that this year, Mother’s Day has to be coordinated using grassroots effort! What better way to start the day than with a beautiful breakfast spread?

Delivery is Key

In today’s world, we must count our blessings and celebrate our love for one another. And who knows more about love than mom, right? We’ve put together an easy to follow recipe for creating a breakfast tray that will blow her away! This recipe is a template for creating a beautiful moment you and your whole family can share. Half of the joy of this experience comes from working together to make mom feel special. Make it your own and get creative!

What You Will Need*
  • Food tray
  • Freshly picked flowers
  • Fresh juice or coffee
  • Toast
  • One avocado
  • Fresh fruit
  • Two eggs
  • Hummus, yogurt, cream cheese, or preferred spread
  • Handwritten notes/cards
  • Family pictures

*NOTE You can use all of these, or just some of these!

Wow Her!

The main attraction on your tray will be the avocado toast! Don’t worry; we will make creating this centerpiece easy!

  1. Make some toast!
  2. Add some color to your toast by smearing cream cheese, hummus, or yogurt on top.
  3. Cut an avocado in half, remove the seed, and peel it.
  4. Place one half of the avocado dome side up on a cutting board and slice it horizontally.
  5. Now you can spread the slices onto the piece of toast, top it with an over-easy egg, sprinkle on salt and pepper, and voila!

If you want to get more creative with your presentation, here are short how-to videos for slicing your avocado:

Avocado Sliced
Avocado Rose

Once you’ve created your centerpiece, add a side of colorful fruit and moms’ favorite juice or coffee. As you finish putting your tray together, remember that the most important part is your delivery. Wildflowers are an excellent touch and are usually easy to find. You only need a handful to spark joy! Place the flowers in water in a small vase or cup and set in the tray.

Lastly, make mom feel special by writing her a sweet note or listing off what makes you thankful to have her in your life. Remember, moms should be loved and appreciated every day of the year, but Mother’s Day is an excellent excuse to WOW her! We hope this helps.