If the ailment is of non-urgent nature, your first course of action should be to utilize telemedicine services. Simply open the Altrua HealthShare App and select “My Doctors”, then select “Talk to a Doctor Now”.  From there you can either schedule your consultation (with an average wait time of less than 10 minutes) to speak with a state licensed, certified physician, or call 1-833-325-8782 any time of day or night, 356 days a year.  Telemedicine physicians can treat routine ailments and—when indicated—send prescriptions to your local pharmacy. You are never charged for utilization of these services! 

Primary Care Physician, Urgent Care Facility or Specialist

If you need to be seen by your primary care physician, visit an urgent care facility or see a specialist, you may simply present your Membership ID card and let them know you are a self-pay patient. 

Typically, you may find that many health care costs are actually lower as a self-pay patient, especially when you are participating in a health sharing membership! Certain doctors and facilities are better equipped to handle self-pay patients and may even give you a discount on the price of what they would charge someone with insurance.

*Telemedicine is not available with Select Silver, Gold Plus or Bronze Plus memberships.