Here are a few things to remember about multivitamins, as well as some questions you may want to ask yourself about your current multivitamin.

Things to Keep in Mind

Don’t take supplements in place of, or in combination with, prescribed medications without your health care provider’s approval. Check with your health care provider about the supplements you take if you are scheduled to have any type of surgical procedure. The term “natural” doesn’t always mean safe. A supplement’s safety depends on many things, such as its chemical makeup, how it works in the body, how it is prepared, and the dose used. Certain herbs (for example, comfrey and kava) can harm the liver.

Before taking any supplements and or multivitamins, ask yourself these questions:
  • What are the potential health benefits of this dietary supplement product?
  • What are its potential benefits for me?
  • Does this product have any safety risks?
  • What is the proper dose to take?
  • How, when, and for how long should I take it?

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