Reviewing Your Healthcare

As an Altura HealthShare Member, you already know the fantastic quality of care, the helpful Membership Services team, and the affordability you receive as part of the Membership. While people can enroll to become Members at any time of year with Altrua HealthShare, this is traditionally the time of year when people are thinking about the upcoming new year and reviewing their healthcare choices. For you, it can also be a great time to refresh your knowledge about your Altrua HealthShare membership and to make any updates needed to best fit your family. 

Review your Membership Guidelines

It’s important to review your Membership Guidelines as a Member of Altrua HealthShare and to make you sure you understand such things as eligible medical needs, locating a provider through our MultiPlan/PHCS tool, and to brush up on your understanding of various terms and membership usage. You can easily access your Membership Guidelines through the Altrua HealthShare or through your Member Portal.

Update your records on the Altrua HealthShare App (if your membership includes app access)

The Altrua HealthShare App is a great place to house all your medical records, to keep up with your prescriptions, track your health goals, and more. If you’re already on the App, make a date with yourself to review your records and make any needed changes. And if you haven’t yet downloaded the App, now’s the time to get onboard! The Altrua HealthShare App helps you take charge of your health and gives you helpful tools for wellness and prevention. You can download the App here. 

Keep age changes in mind

If you have a child on your membership who is going to be turning 23 soon, they will need to enroll for their own membership on their 23rd birthday. And if you or someone on your membership will be turning 65, that family member will need to be moved to the Ruby membership to remain part of the Altrua HealthShare Membership. So keep those important birthdays in mind as you consider your healthcare needs for the upcoming year. 

Get your required screenings

As part of being an Altrua HealthShare Member, women ages 40 and over and men ages 50 and over have required screenings. For women, this includes a Pap smear and mammogram or breast ultrasound every 24 months. For men, this includes PSA testing for prostate cancer every 24 months. Be sure that you have received the needed screenings within the correct age and time windows, with those results on file, so that sharing for eligible needs related to reproductive or breast cancers will be available if needed. 

Share the Care!

How would you like a little extra money in your pocket for doing something that can help your friends? When you refer any friend, family member, or even a casual acquaintance and they become a member for at least 90 days, both of you will receive a $100 check as a thank you. By simply sharing with your friends the fantastic and affordable healthcare option you’ve found through Altrua HealthShare, we’ll send each of you $100.

Make sure your friend enters your full name, member number or email address into the referral field when completing the application. And you can refer as many friends as you’d like – there’s always room in the Altrua HealthShare family! (Please note that $100 referral is for Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby memberships only.)

It’s important to stay up-to-date on your family’s healthcare needs and how your Altrua HealthShare membership can help you take care of your family’s health. Our Membership Services team is always here to help with any questions or changes you may need to make to your membership. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 1.888.244.3839, where our guiding principle is caring for one another.