It’s the time of year for planning Thanksgiving travel, getting ready for all manner of harvest and fall celebrations, and breaking out the pumpkins. And you’re probably also seeing a lot of headlines and mentions of open enrollment.

So exactly what is open enrollment?

Open enrollment is a time period during the year when you can make changes to your current healthcare options. For people who use traditional insurance, this is the one time during the year you can make those changes. Employers often use the open enrollment season to make updates to healthcare options for their employees. For those who are Altrua HealthShare Members, you can make changes at any time during the year. And with Altrua HealthShare, you can enroll at any time.

If you are currently using traditional insurance, the open enrollment season is a great time of year to evaluate your costs with traditional insurance and if a health share could be a better fit for your family, including Altrua HealthShare’s flexibility and affordability. And Altrua HealthShare has added even more reasons to consider a health share as your healthcare solution this year. 

Altrua HealthShare now has a customizable membership called MyShare, which allows you to choose things like your MRA (member responsibility amount), Lifetime Limit, how many office visits you’d like to include on your membership, if you want to have Maternity/Adoption sharing as one of your options, what level of Cancer sharing you’d like, and if you want to include a Healthy Living Bundle, which includes counseling services, and chiropractic, vision, and pharmaceutical discounts. Your choices on these customizable features can help you keep your monthly membership contribution levels in line with your budget, and also allows you to include or skip features that you don’t want or need.

Even if you’re already an Altrua HealthShare Member, take a look at the MyShare option and see if it might be a good fit for your changing healthcare needs.

This open enrollment season, also be sure to check out Altrua HealthShare’s SmileShare membership. This is America’s first dental sharing program and allows you to choose between three different membership levels. Depending on the level you choose, you’ll find cleanings, orthodontia cost sharing, X-rays, filings, and more! SmileShare is a great way to stay on top of your dental needs while making dental care more convenient and affordable.

Open enrollment is a great time to evaluate your healthcare costs and needs for the upcoming year and to make changes that are a better fit for your family, your budget, and your health goals. Ready to find out if Altrua HealthShare could be the right decision for you? Click here to find out more about Altrua HealthShare!

Julie Lyles Carr is a best-selling author, podcaster, and entrepreneur living in Austin, Texas, with her husband Mike Carr. They have eight kids, two unfriendly cats, and an antique dachshund.