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by Veronika Kyrylenko

An unexpected diagnosis and treatment made her wonder if she would be able to continue her career as a communicator and consultant. Michele Cushatt joins AllMomDoes host Julie Lyles Carr for part 1 of a two part interview, unpacking the experience of becoming differently-abled at the peak of her career and mothering, and what she’s learned about faith as a result.

The commercial healthcare industry is heavily regulated by the government and has many serious flaws pertaining to medical costs and coverage. Christian health cost sharing has emerged as an alternative for Americans seeking a healthcare support system that is aligned with their beliefs and is devoid of governmental intervention, as it should be.

In this interview with The New American, Katy Talento, an Executive Director of the Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries, explains the differences between commercial insurance and Christian health cost sharing. Members and the leadership of Health Care Sharing Ministries work together to freely determine what type of medical expenses its members will share, which is practically anything but services that violate tenets of Christian faith, to include abortion, gender surgeries, and ailments that stem from criminal or immoral behavior. The voluntary adherence to Christian values in their lifestyles makes members of the dozens of ministries around the country much healthier than the general population, observed Ms. Talento. Yet emergencies do happen, and when members go to the doctor, hospital, or incur a medical cost, they submit the bill to their community through the ministry. Expenses that meet the ministry’s guidelines are shared by the community, and payment is made to the family in need or directly to the doctor. The ministries share the cost of even the most expensive services and procedures, as well as catastrophic expenses and experimental treatments that most insurance companies would not cover.

The ministries go far beyond sharing medical bills by engaging in charitable initiatives and programs and supporting their members and non-members in difficult times of loss and hardship.

To learn more, please visit Save Christian Healthcare and the Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries.