Are you ready to understand the people that put energy into your lives and the people who drain you?

Grab your pencil and paper today because you are going to want to take notes! Dr. John Townsend, author of The Boundaries series, business consultant, leadership coach and psychologist joins Julie Lyles Carr with a conversation you are going to want to listen to over and over again.

As a mom we are a life support system for so many people. We get drained so easily.

How do we manage this?
  • People Fuel – “We all need more energy, the vitality that helps us stay motivated, focused and productive in life. We know we receive energy from good nutrition, along with working out, adequate sleep and maintaining positivity. But there is another major source for the energy we need: having the right kinds of relationships with others. Not the ones that drain us, but the ones that refuel us.”
  • 4 Nutrients: Be present. Convey the good. Deliver reality. Call to action.
  • How do we make sure we are surrounded by the right people to deliver the 4 nutrients?
  • We are only as good as when we tell people what we really need. -John
  • People cannot read your mind. We have to educate those around us and John has some great tips on how to do that.
  • John talks through the 7 Cs of relationships. Take notes!
  • What if we have someone who drains us that we can’t get away from? How can we created boundaries that don’t allow them to just push into our life.
  • What does loving someone mean? Being for them. Wanting their best. – John
  • Let your yes be yes and your no be no.
  • What about when you have a need to be needed?
  • When you reach out to people and tell them what you really need, it is life giving and encouraging for everyone. Connection brings energy.
  • We need to be intentional about breaking out of our circles. John has some great ideas on how to do just that.
  • A special message for the mom who is feeling isolated.
  • What is the true difference between introverts and extroverts?
  • Everybody needs people. We are designed for relationship. -John
  • How do you deal with coworkers that are draining?
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