There may be some reasons to feel uncomfortable about the insurance mandate in the Affordable Care Act. Some people feel like they are unfairly pushed to purchase a product that they do not want or need. Others feel that, through group insurance, they are forced to throw in their lot with people who do not share their values in areas like contraception or who engage in damaging activities like drug use.

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The idea of paying a significant tax penalty for not buying a product can be discouraging. And, it is only prudent to have a plan in place to protect your family in the case of a medical emergency. HealthShare memberships are an option that can help address both issues in a way that is compatible with Christian values. Members of Altrua HealthShare can are exempt from the Affordable Care Act’s non-coverage penalty. And, if disaster strikes, members are protected by the contributions of a nationwide community of like-minded individuals.

What Happens When You Have a Medical Emergency?

When you are a member of a HealthShare, individual members can pay small healthcare expenses out-of-pocket. Medical cost sharing plays a big role when life throws larger medical expenses and issues into our paths.

Each month, Altrua HealthShare members send contributions, which are put into an escrow account. When you visit a healthcare professional after suffering an injury, illness or other medical emergency, you simply present your Altrua HealthShare member ID card. Your provider will use the instructions on the back of the member ID card to submit the medical need to the membership for sharing. After that, shareable medical costs are handled through the escrow account. Since our group’s inception, we have shared all eligible medical expenses according to our member guidelines and escrow instructions.

Because members are considered self-pay patients, you have a great degree of freedom. Members can choose their own healthcare providers.

Are you a person of faith seeking a community of like-minded individuals to share Christ’s love through Health Sharing? Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of Christian health care cost sharing.