AUSTIN, Texas, October 17, 2022 – Blasting into the west coast of Florida with sustained winds of almost 150 mph, Hurricane Ian has now been classified as the fifth-strongest recorded storm in history. It is estimated that the damage costs from the storm will reach $67 billion dollars. And over 119 people lost their lives in the hurricane’s wake.

Altrua HealthShare, headquartered in Austin, Texas, has taken quick action on behalf of members of the health share impacted by this historic storm. Says Altrua HealthShare’s COO John Capezzuti, “It quickly became clear that our members in Florida would need support and care. Our guiding principle at Altrua HealthShare is to care for one another, to bear one another’s burdens. As a membership, we have decided to cover the October monthly contribution costs for our Florida members. It’s our hope that this gives our Florida members a portion of the financial help needed following such a catastrophic event.”

Altrua HealthShare members in the affected areas of Florida have been contacted by phone and email to let them know that their health share contributions have been taken care of for the month. Says Randy Sluder, CEO of Altrua HealthShare, “We will continue to be in prayer for those who have been impacted by this storm. As a faith-based community, it’s our mission to be there for each other in times of need.”

As the efforts continue in Florida to clean up and rebuild, members will continue to receive excellent service from the Altrua HealthShare Member Services Team. Additionally, the Altrua Ministries team continues to be available to receive member prayer requests and provide spiritual counsel. For prayer requests please click here.

About Altrua HealthShare

Altrua HealthShare is part of Altrua Ministries, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. As a nationally recognized, faith-based Health Care Sharing Ministry of individuals and families, a collaborative community of health-conscious people, providers, nurses, staff and members, we are dedicated to a single purpose: improving your health by caring for one another. Our membership opportunities are developed and based on Biblical principles established for living a healthy and honorable lifestyle, and members must agree to our Statement of Standards to join. Altrua Ministries (dba Altrua HealthShare) is NOT an insurance company nor is the membership offered through an insurance company. Members are self-pay patients. For more information, visit