[Austin, Texas]: Altrua HealthShare has announced a new partnership with Jesse Iwuji, a rising star on the racing circuit, who is also known for his military service and entrepreneurial endeavors. This partnership will bring greater awareness to individuals about the innovative, affordable, and flexible healthcare option of Altrua HealthShare, while also highlighting the shared values of hard work, family, country, and faith exemplified by Iwuji.

“We’re excited to welcome Jesse to the Altrua HealthShare family,” says John Capezzuti, COO at Altrua HealthShare. “We see that Jesse has a shared perspective on living in alignment with our membership values, and we believe with his reach, he will be able to help give a spotlight to the exciting healthcare option that we know Altrua HealthShare to be.”

“Being a former football player, a service member, and professional racing driver; I’ve really gotten to learn more and more over the years about a team coming together with everyone doing their part to ensure the success of the overall mission. This same teamwork concept applies to everything my newest partner does in the healthcare industry, Altrua HealthShare,” says Iwuji, the only current driver in all of NASCAR at the national levels who has ever served his country and still does, as he is currently serving in the Navy Reserves.

You can learn more about Jesse at his official website at jesseiwuji.com. And you can hear what he has to say about Altrua Healthshare below.


About Altrua HealthShare: Altrua HealthShare is a healthcare sharing non-profit organization, that provides an affordable, innovative approach to rising healthcare costs. Members are able to better customize their healthcare needs and enjoy lower healthcare costs by living out healthy lifestyle choices and shared values.

About Jesse Iwuji: Jesse Iwuji is a professional race car driver. He attended the United States Naval Academy, where he joined the school’s college football and track and field teams; on the former, he was a free safety for the Navy Midshipmen. He entered the United States Navy as a surface warfare officer. After seven years on active duty, Iwuji transitioned to the Navy Reserve.

As a sailor and driver, Iwuji has served as an ambassador for both the military and NASCAR communities. In addition to supporting military philanthropic groups, he is also involved in various NASCAR events supporting the armed forces and veterans.