What are “Pooled” Office Visits?

We understand that sometimes you may have one family member who over the course of a year uses only a few of their allotted six office visits, while another family member may need to use more than six office visits. That is why we now offer the Pooled Office Visits feature. 

Households may now combine their individual office visit allotment so that unused office visits of one household member can be used by another household member. 

For Example

If you are a family of five (5), you each have six (6) office visits available to you. Under the Pooled Office Visits feature, you would now have a combined family office visit allotment of 30 visits for the year.

This allows our members greater flexibility to utilize office visits for family members who may require more office visits during any particular year. 

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For Women Over 40, an additional office visit is provided for female members age 40 and above for a mammogram or breast ultrasound. This additional office visit provided for the purpose of obtaining a routine mammogram or breast ultrasound cannot be pooled.