He’s a dad, a husband, a passionate grill master, and all-around one of the nicest guys you’ll meet.

He also is a Dove-award-winning top music artist. And he’s now a brand ambassador for Altrua HealthShare. The health share, based out of Austin, Texas, has been sharing in eligible medical needs for over 25 years. 

“In getting to know Jordan, it became clear that he understood the mission and heart of Altrua HealthShare,” says John Capezzuit, COO of Altrua HealthShare. “His caliber as an artist is second only to his incredible character and compassion as a human. We know he will be an incredible addition to the Altrua HealthShare family and truly exemplifies our core value of caring for one another.”

Jordan is deeply devoted to keeping his family life vibrant and healthy, even when he’s on the road touring. In a recent interview with The allmomdoes Podcast host Julie Lyles Carr, Jordan gave insight into how he keeps his priorities straight. “I think that that’s one of the things that I just really, really want to continue to drive home for the, for the remainder of the life that I live here on earth,” said Jordan, “is just the fact that as long as I’m keeping Him (God) at the forefront at that number one place, everything else will fall in line and it will all be honored.”

While touring slowed down during the height of Covid-19, the music industry is back on the move today. And while on the road or at home, Jordan is known for a pretty hefty love of athletics. He’s a passionate snow skier and skateboarder, often posting on his social media while on the slopes or streets. You’ll also find him posting about grilling out, sharing new recipes, and barbequing ideas with his followers. His excitement for a healthy and active lifestyle makes him a great fit with Altrua HealthShare.

“So stoked to be a part of my new Altrua HealthShare family. They are completely changing the health share industry, and I’m all for it!” says Jordan.

If you’re already a Member of Altrua HealthShare, be sure and welcome Jordan to the Altrua HealthShare family! And if you’re not yet a Member but are ready to learn more about the flexibility and affordability you can find for your healthcare needs with Altrua HealthShare, discover how much you can save!