It’s a happy story that didn’t start out that way.

When Daniel and Lindsey Crouch got married, they carried with them the heaviness of the loss of Lindsey’s mother to cancer. Lindsey had been a young child when her mom Beverly received a devastating cancer diagnosis. Her mom’s battle with cancer ultimately ended in her death, when Lindsey was three years old. Beverly was just 37. 

Her dad, now a single parent, raised Lindsey as they navigated that loss.

When Daniel and Lindsey met during college, Lindsey’s loss of her mom Beverly was still very present for her. Lindsey’s concerns about her own health and the history of what she watched her mom go through stayed a concern. 

God gave me a dream and told me to use seeds!

“Ever since we fell in love in college, we prayed for a solution to help Lindsey live a long, vibrant life, without the worry of sickness and disease affecting her as well,” says Daniel.

The couple married and explored health and fitness in both their personal lives and as components of their careers. They knew that nutrition would be a big component of their approach, looking for alternatives for food components that would allow them to create healthy and delicious alternatives to snack foods and treats. 

On her birthday morning in 2012, Lindsey woke up and said, “God gave me a dream and told me to use seeds!”

Daniel says, “Since that divine day, we have dedicated our lives to providing a life-giving health solution through delicious and nutritious seed-based foods and a Biblically based lifestyle program that breathes new life and new health into the body. ”

After several years bringing gluten-free and wheat-free treats to market, Daniel and Lindsey embarked on a new venture, their program Blessed Bites.

Blessed Bites “contain the perfect ratio of plant-based protein, whole fiber and healthy essential fats that create the perfect balance within the body,” writes Daniel. “They help increase metabolism, encourage healthy weight loss and provide long-lasting satiation and energy. Blessed Bites are gluten-free, grain-free, vegan and keto-friendly.”