How Your Relationship Impacts Your Cardiac Health

You’ve probably heard it said, “Happy wife, happy life.”
According to recent studies, it might be more true to say “Happy spouse, better health.”

As it turns out, the state of your marriage has a lot to do with the health of your heart.

In a recent Time magazine article from 2018, researchers revealed what new research was showing with couples and cardiac health. Psychologists and medical doctors had long seen a correlation between healthy weight, better sleep quality, and overall health maintenance and those who are happily married. The inverse also appears to be true, that those who are in unhappy marriages often find more struggles with their health.

From a study by Timothy Smith, a psychologist at the University of Utah, came these fascinating results: “Smith did one study in which 114 couples were observed while talking over a recent argument. The quality of their interactions was coded and each participant was then tested for cardiac health. Those who had more hostile, less constructive interactions had a higher likelihood or coronary atherosclerosis. “The quality of their interactions was a better predictor than self-reports,” says Smith. “It accounted for about as much variance as smoking or being overweight.””1

Yes, even the way we argue in marriage impacts the health of our physical health. It’s important to note here that it isn’t the absence of arguments in a marriage; it’s the way we handle those arguments that impacts heart health.

As you’re looking out for your cardiac health, it’s also important to consider the health of your other relationships in the equation.

Yes, book that yearly physical exam to check on your ticker.

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Keeping your marriage healthy and strong could just make all the difference for your heart!