Each month, there are National Health Observances designated by the U.S. government, to raise awareness about specific health issues and challenges. For the month of February, these NHOs are for heart health, low-vision awareness, and teen dating violence.

Heart Health

February is American Heart Month and it’s a great time to check in on how you’re treating your heart. Are you getting enough exercise? How is your nutrition going? Check-in with your primary physician for any tests that are recommended for your season of life and to discuss any cardiac risks you may have. Click here for more ideas for keeping your heart healthy. And while we often think about heart attack prevention when we talk about heart health, blood pressure is also a key factor to understanding your cardiac health. Check out these surprising facts about blood pressure and why keeping your blood pressure at healthy levels is key to several other areas of your health profile. And check out this quick read for tips on lowering your blood pressure.  

Remember, depending on your membership level with Altrua HealthShare, you have a yearly allotment of office visits to use per year. Check-in with your primary caregiver to stay up to date on your heart health. And if you’re not a Member of Altrua HealthShare, take a moment to check out the features of the Membership and how much you can save on healthcare costs each year.

Low-Vision Awareness 

It’s estimated that over 30 million Americans are considered low-vision or have conditions that will lead to significant visual impairments over their lifetimes. As February is designated as Low-Vision Awareness month by the National Eye Institute, it’s a great reminder to get your vision check-up scheduled. And if you’re a Member of certain memberships with Altrua HealthShare, you have access to fantastic discounts on check-ups and eyewear.

Check out this interactive resource that can help you understand what those with low vision experience as you virtually see the world through their eyes. And you can learn more about how low vision is defined and tools to manage low vision at this link.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention

Teen dating violence awareness is also a key focus area for February. It can be a tough topic to tackle for parents and kids, but the statistics show that it’s of key importance. “Youth age 12 to19 years experience the highest rates of rape and sexual assault,” reports youth.gov. Conversations with your teens about boundaries and healthy relationship dynamics are key, along with providing a safe place for these discussions.  You can also find further resources at this link. 

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