Nothing says Easter like a colorful basket filled with jelly beans in every hue and an enormous chocolate Easter bunny. But a well-stocked Easter basket doesn’t have to sabotage your healthy eating goals for your family.

Check out the following ideas for Easter basket treats for healthy alternatives!

  1. Individual size bags of trail mix. Trail mix, either store-bought or homemade, keeps proportion sizes reasonable, makes sure there’s a little sweet involved, and is also a great reminder to get outside for an Easter hike on the trails.
  2. Fruit snacks…and look for the good stuff. Sure, there are plenty of fruit snacks out there that are no better than traditional candy when it comes to sugar. But there are also fruit snacks available that are just as delicious and have real fruit with lower sugar. Slip a few packages of those in the Easter basket this year for a healthier alternative.
  3. Herbal tea. A few unique tea choices, along with a cute mug, can be a unique gift for the Easter basket. Kids of all ages love the process of making tea and sampling the different flavors.
  4. Fruit…and not just your average apple. Take a little time in the produce department while searching for Easter treats. Add some ideas to your cart that you don’t normally buy, like a variety of apple that sounds interesting, or a different kind of grape. You’ll be expanding your Easter basket recipient’s palate while building healthier habits.
  5. Outdoor activity accessories. To encourage more outdoor time, add some fun hiking and exploring items. From a book with local hiking options to hydration backpack to a small first aid kit, getting the gear for spending time outdoors can spark motivation to get outside.
  6. Water bottle. Do good for the planet while also promoting hydration by including a new stainless steel water bottle to the Easter basket cache. With lots of styles and color options out there, along with personalization, a new water bottle will last far longer than the jelly beans.

And last but not least, put some of the standard fare of jelly beans and chocolate in that basket. After all, healthy living is about balance and fun. But when you also add in nutritious and health-conscious options, along with the sugary treats, you’ve created a gift that’s fun for today and habit-building for tomorrow.

Happy Easter!