You might think that keeping track of your prescriptions is a matter of being organized and convenience. And you’re not wrong; it makes things go much easier at the pharmacy when you know how many refills you have left and can confirm what meds you take.

Approximately 30% to 50% of US adults are not adherent to long-term medications leading to an estimated $100 billion in preventable costs annually.

National Center for Biotechnology Information

But keeping track of your prescriptions is also about safety and taking charge of your health. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “Approximately 30% to 50% of US adults are not adherent to long-term medications leading to an estimated $100 billion in preventable costs annually.” And even when we’re not talking about medication for chronic conditions, the numbers are still concerning. According to the Mayo Clinic, about 70% of Americans have a prescription for at least one medication, and two-thirds of those are not taking their medications consistently or correctly. Many people report they don’t know what their medication is for, and they often receive different prescriptions from different providers, without being able to communicate clearly what they are already taking.

Those are just a few of the reasons that it’s so important to keep track of your medications, what they have been prescribed for, the directions for use, and by which provider. Altrua HealthShare has a great solution to help you do just that.

First, if you’re part of the Altrua HealthShare family, use the ManifestRx discount that is part of your membership. You’ll receive fantastic discounts on your prescriptions. ManifestRx is accepted at more than 62,000 pharmacies – Including most major drug store chains, big box retailers, independents, and mail-order pharmacies. NOTE: ManifestRx Pharmacy’s online pricing includes free home delivery! And whether or not you’re part of Altrua HealthShare, take an inventory of what medications you are currently taking. Keep it as a list on the notes function of your phone, and be sure to add the date of the prescription, any instructions you received, and who prescribed it for you. The next time you have a visit with your healthcare provider, you’ll have all the information you need right on hand. It’s a simple way to take control of your health care and to stay informed about your health journey!