Staying in is the new going out!

How about while we do our part to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe, we also have a little fun? For those of us who have begun to feel the monotony of our daily routines, an indoor picnic is a great way to put a twist on our typical dining experience! Setting up a picnic, especially one worthy of a social post, is an activity you can share with the whole family. Bringing the outdoors into your living room is also a creative way to celebrate an occasion. During a time when spirits can be low, we have to seize every opportunity to celebrate the good stuff. Surprising Mom with a picnic is a great way to put a smile on her face. And don’t forget about birthdays! Be sure you make those extra special.

How to Make it Your Own

The sky is the limit! Picnics can be dinner, lunch, or brunch themed. You can even create a fusion by letting each member of the family pick their favorite dish. Remember to make it fun and make it memorable!

What should it look like?

While there is no “wrong way” to decorate an indoor picnic, here are a few ideas that might help take yours to the next level: a festive tablecloth or blanket, decorative pillows, Christmas lights, candles, flowers, balloons, succulents, fruit, and family pictures.

It’s all about the experience

To make eating a little easier, place a tablecloth over a coffee table or improvise with a large box, book stacks, or a breakfast in bed tray. A table will serve as your focal point and also make for a more comfortable dining experience. If you have little ones, we recommend using cups with lids (just in case) and mason jars for the rest of the family. The mason jars add personality to any setup and will prevent unanticipated spills.

Music and post-dinner entertainment are also must-haves! Set up a wireless speaker, a laptop, or even a phone and play your favorite tunes while you dine (for a realistic feel, try setting up by a window and streaming bird sounds). Be sure to have a few board games or playing cards on hand. If you don’t have either, you can always download a free party game application on your phone.

Here is a list of a few:

Playing games together is a great way to put a pause on any anxiety your family might be feeling during these times. Another way is to hone in and focus on each other. Remember, it’s all about the experience.