Your mind is like a garden and must be cared for daily.

Positive thoughts will bloom into beautiful flowers and negative thoughts will grow into weeds.

Tend to the soil of your mind by planting good seeds, watering, and pulling weeds. Good seeds include positive thoughts like gratitude, love, joy and prayers. Watering those seeds can be done with activities that bring peace like exercising, eating a healthy diet, and getting good sleep. Pulling weeds is a daily awareness and activity of removing negative thoughts and cutting away any negativity in your mind before the roots grow deep.

Counseling Services

Did you know that many of the Altrua HealthShare memberships include services that let you (and even family related, non-members) speak to a licensed counselor over the phone?  Well, you do now!


Altrua HealthShare has partnered with LifeWorks to provide our members access to licensed counselors that can help you work through the challenges of marriage, loss, depression, life changes, or anything else you might need help with 24/7. This service also includes a limited number of in office consultations per incident as well.

Call 1.833.3–ALTRUA (258782)
Follow the menu prompts to access LifeWorks.

If it’s an emergency, please call: 911