The idea of reducing healthcare costs by utilizing Altrua HealthShare is appealing to many people. However, those who are accustomed to health insurance may think that being a “self-pay” patient would make health care expensive and the process too overwhelming. That’s why we have put together a brief guide explaining self-pay through Altrua HealthShare. You will likely find that the process is a positive experience—like our current members do.

self pay

Self-Pay Allows Escape from Bureaucracy

When you utilize health insurance, your medical choices are constantly under scrutiny from an insurance company. Even if you (and your doctor) feel you need a particular test or procedure, if the insurance company doesn’t approve it, you are out of luck. Plus, the insurance company and, sometimes, the government are fully involved in decisions you make regarding your health and that of your family.
On the other hand, choosing self-pay puts you in control. You and your doctor make the choices—not the bureaucracy. 

Save Money as a Self-Pay Patient

While you know there are savings for choosing Altrua HealthShare versus insurance, you may think that your out of pocket costs for medical treatment would be much higher. In reality, if you do your research and check out the options, you may find many health care costs are actually lower as a self-pay patient—especially when you have a health sharing membership too. Certain doctors and facilities are better equipped to handle self-pay patients and may even give you a discount versus the insurance patient price.

With Altrua HealthShare, You’re ACA-Compliant

In the past, being a self-pay patient was a choice you were able to make for yourself. However, with the passage of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare),  now you must have insurance to avoid paying a penalty on your taxes each year. Luckily, having a faith-based health sharing program, like Altrua HealthShare will make you and your family ACA-compliant. Self-pay is, once again, a possibility.

If you’re ready to investigate exactly how Altrua HealthShare can benefit you and your family, reach out to us for more information. Our health sharing experts will be happy to explain how the self-pay concept and our health sharing program can help save you money and make healthcare simple for your family once again.