You have taken the time to get a good idea of what your upcoming doctor’s visit will cost, along with how that works with your MRA (Member Responsibility Amount) and member sharing. But then your doctor mentions that they want you to get a series of lab tests and that you need to go to a local lab to have those tests conducted.  

Well, now. What should you expect that to cost? 

Zachary Aten began his career in the faith-based non-profit sector—where he encountered people who ended up with significant health issues and trips to the emergency room, because they couldn’t find affordable lab and diagnostic testing. He decided to start a company that would help people search and price check the tests they need from reputable labs in their own communities.

Grassroots Labs was Born

“I think of us as the Amazon for blood tests,” Zachary said in a recent phone conversation. “We want testing to be as affordable, accessible, and convenient as possible.”  

Ready for some great news? Members of Altrua HealthShare now have access to Grassroots Labs. We are partnering with Grassroots to give members even more cost-savings and the ability to manage lab needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s cover a few FAQs to help you get started with utilizing this fantastic resource! 

How does it work? 
  • Visit the Altrua HealthShare / Grassroots Enrollment and scroll down to the section “How It Works”
  • There, you will first sign your Release of Information form, allowing your results to be sent directly to Altrua HealthShare.
  • Purchase the lab test you need. Grassroots Labs offers thousands of tests through their program.
  • Next, locate the lab closest to you with the handy lab finder.
  • Once you have your labs done, you will receive your test results in three to five days. Easy peasy! 
Do I need to have a doctor’s orders for a test I would like to take? 

Nope. While Grassroots is also happy to honor lab orders you receive from your doctor, you can search for and schedule tests that you would like to receive as you personally manage your health. Everything from hormone panels to comprehensive wellness panels and beyond are available through our Altrua HealthShare / Grassroots partnership and do not require doctor’s orders.

Where can I go to get tested? 

Grassroots Labs has put together an extensive network of top labs across the nation where you can go for your lab tests. You can use a great locator tool on the Altrua HealthShare / Grassroots webpage to find a top-quality lab near you. Grassroots Labs is continuing to add labs, not just in bigger metropolitan areas, but also in less populated areas across the nation so that you can find a testing site close to home! 

What if I need a test that I can’t find with Grassroots? 

One of the reasons Altrua HealthShare is so excited to partner with Grassroots Labs, is because of their commitment to listening to members and working to meet those needs. While Grassroots Labs already offers thousands of types of tests, should you find you need something that isn’t currently on the list, let them know! You can call or chat with Grassroots Labs to find what you need.  

Is Grassroots Labs available everywhere? 

Almost. Due to specific mandates, residents of New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island are not allowed to utilize direct-to-consumer testing. Other than those three states, Grassroots Labs is available across the nation. 

With my Altrua HealthShare membership, who in my household can use Grassroots Labs? 

Anyone in your household on the membership, 18 years or older can use Grassroots. Right now, children under 18 are not eligible to use the service. 

Anything else I need to know? 

You will need to register for a Grassroots account for each of your family members who use the service. This keeps all the lab results cleanly under each person’s health history and eliminates confusion on which tests are ordered for who.  

And again, be sure and sign the Release of Information form, so that you can streamline your Altrua HealthShare experience with Grassroots Labs.  

Altrua HealthShare is committed to continuing to find the best ways to help you lower your healthcare costs, and we’re excited to add Grassroots Labs to your resources!