For many people, finding the right health insurance plan is a difficult task; however, with the Affordable Care Act in place, insurance is a must—or is it? There is another option… a Health Care Sharing Ministry. A HCSM allows you to contribute to a membership of like-minded individuals each month and when medical needs arise, the membership shares in your medical need.


Christian Health Care Sharing


Discover Notable Advantages of Choosing a Faith-Based Health Care Sharing Ministry:

  • The Process is Easy – Your monthly contribution is put into an escrow account. When an eligible medical need arises, the membership will help share in your medical need. Members simply present their member ID card to their medical provider when seeking services.
  • Members Are Exempt from ACA and State Tax Penalties – The Affordable Care Act dictates that many people are “forced” to obtain healthcare to avoid fines from the US Government. Belonging to a Christian Health Care Sharing Ministry, like Altrua HealthShare, means that members are exempt from those penalties. The ACA website explains a bit more how these exemptions work.
  • Contribution Share is Manageable – With changes in healthcare over the past few years, many people have found that the cost of health insurance premiums have skyrocketed. According to the average cost of insurance for a family in the United States is over $15,000 per year. In many cases, the costs of a health sharing contribution are much less—making it manageable for small business owners and others who might not be able to afford standard insurance.
  • Flexible – Health sharing programs work for singles, couples and those with large families. The way the membership program works is fair and balanced and works well for many families.
  • Extensive Provider List – While the list of providers that insurance companies accept seem to be shrinking, health sharing programs are growing in popularity and seem to be allowing MORE flexibility with providers than in the past.
  • Superior Customer Care – Working with a faith-based health care sharing ministry means that CARE is a top priority.

While the concept of Altrua HealthShare may be new to you, it is a great healthcare solution for many individuals and families. If you would like to learn more about Altrua HealthShare, we invite you to contact us for more information. Our team looks forward to hearing from you.