Darren Mulligan is originally from Ireland, touring Europe and the U.S. with We Are Messengers, racking up Billboard #1 hits and playing to huge crowds. The band relocated to the U.S. in 2016 and has been consistently writing music that captures not only the top playlists but people’s hearts and souls.

For many artists, musicians, ministers, and creative entrepreneurs, finding healthcare can be a significant challenge, including those in the Christian music space. In becoming an Altrua HealthShare Member and Ambassador, Darren says he’s found a solution for his family. “As a husband and father, taking care of my wife and four kids is always my priority. But when it came to healthcare for my family, it was always so complicated and expensive,” he explains. “That’s why I’m glad I found Altrua HealthShare. They have made my family’s healthcare affordable, an absolute breeze, and I’ve experienced firsthand how they genuinely care for their Members. I’m so grateful for them and for the confidence they’ve given me for my family’s healthcare. Loving Jesus and taking care of others – that’s the Altrua HealthShare way.”

Altrua HealthShare has been sharing in eligible medical needs for over 25 years. The Membership is made up of a community of people who agree to live a healthy lifestyle in agreement with its Statement of Standards.

Darren Mulligan Altrua HealthShare Ambassador

“It’s so great to help individuals and families looking for an affordable, flexible way to take care of their healthcare needs,” says Jim Hardaway, Director of Marketing Events for Altrua HealthShare. “Partnering with Darren, helping more people know about what we do and how we serve, it’s amazing. We’re grateful that Darren and his family are now part of the Altrua HealthShare Membership!”

We Are Messengers has been busy this summer, with appearances from Romania to Ohio and many points in between. If you’re already a Member of Altrua HealthShare, welcome Darren to the Altrua HealthShare family! If you’re not yet a Member and would like to learn more about our flexible, affordable solution to healthcare, one of our Member Services Representatives can help answer any questions and help you find the right fit for you. Just call 1.833.3-ALTRUA (258782), and we’ll be happy to help!