You’ve got plenty on your plate with the holidays just around the corner. So here’s your friendly reminder that open enrollment is about to end. What does this mean for you? 

Traditional Insurance

If you use a traditional insurance product for your health care, the open enrollment season is usually the only time during the year you can make any changes. If you’re looking for a more affordable, more flexible option than traditional insurance for your healthcare needs, consider looking at Altrua HealthShare

Health Share

Altrua HealthShare is a health care sharing ministry, known as an HCSM. Altrua HealthShare is a community of like-minded, health-conscious individuals who share in one another’s eligible medical needs. And this is important for you to know: because Altrua HealthShare is NOT INSURANCE, you can enroll at any time throughout the year. You can also make changes to your membership whenever you wish. If you’re already an Altrua HealthShare Member, it’s a great thing to keep in mind as you think about your and your family’s specific needs for the upcoming year, knowing you have the freedom to make changes if needed. And if you’re not yet a Member of Altrua HealthShare, take a look at how much you could save by switching. 

The open enrollment period for many traditional insurance options ends by January 15, 2023, if not sooner, depending on your place of employment and what is offered. Again, while you can enroll with Altrua HealthShare at any point of the year, now may be the time for you to consider your options. You might just find that Altrua HealthShare is a better fit for your budget, flexibility, and access to any provider you’d like to see. And if you’re a current Member and would like to review if your current membership or a different one might be a better fit, be sure to reach out to a Member Services Representative via phone at 1.833.742.6125 , who can help you look at your options.